Franito is a results driven agency providing turnkey solutions to foreign and local businesses in Mozambique and Southern Africa. The portfolio of expertise includes business, fiduciary, legal and tax services, advice and support, risk analysis, project and logistical management in accordance with our clients' needs.
Franito offers these in a consulting, service provider and outsourcing capacity.
A special attribute of the company is its unique ability to marry foreign and local business concepts and merge successful partnerships through its wide range of expertise providing suitable and risk-free solutions for wealth creation and protection.


  • Mozambique business services include:
  • Company registrations & licensing,
  • Investment project registrations
  • Land Use Right and property title deeds
  • Patents and brand registrations.
  • Finance & Human Resource
  • Management (Accounting, auditing, HR solutions)
  • Legal advice and support in association with leading firms in Mozambique and Mauritius.
  • Mauritian Business structures for wealth and asset protection.
  • Fiduciary Services.
  • Business development (Management models, compliance and governance).
  • Logistical management, import-export and clearance services
  • Business Intelligence (Risk analyses, advice, country reports


Tony Ferreira

Born in South Africa and completed his schooling in Pretoria in 1978. Studied Law at the Universities of Pretoria and UNISA and later joined the diplomatic corps where he spent over 14 years abroad in several countries including Brazil, Angola, Portugal, Spain and Mozambique. Gained valuable experience as a career diplomat and more specifically as an advisor on a variety of important issues in most Portuguese speaking countries. Established the Franito Consulting agency in 1998 and for over 18 years assisted hundreds of foreign investors to successfully set up their businesses in Mozambique. Also managed a successful corporate guesthouse business in Mozambique for several years.
In addition to the above Tony also participated in setting up the Aldes Lowveld Business brokerage in 2006, selling many businesses and in the process contributing to Aldes Lowveld franchise becoming a top franchisee within the Aldes Group in South Africa in 2007.
Has an extensive network of contacts in Mozambique covering all sectors of society, speaks fluent Portuguese and understands the business environment.

Jose Antonio

Born in Mozambique on 8 November 1978 and completed his schooling in 1998 at Escola Secundaria in Tete Province, Mozambique. Also completed a Bachelor Degree in Management at Aberta University of Portugal in 2001, also 3rd degree in Accounting & Auditing at Univesidade Pedagogica of Quelimane, in addition Graduating in Legal and Criminal Investigation Science at the Instituto Superior Alberto Chipande in Beira in 2012 as well as concluding his Masters on Business Finance at the Universidade Sao Tomas de Mocambique in 2018.

Having worked at major companies like Mcel (1991 to 2004) and BCI Bank (2004 to 2012) and as Financial office at Steval Mozambique Lda a major construction and engineering company, during the period of 2012 to beginning of 2018,  Jose brings valuable experience to Franito Consulting in the fields of auditing and compliance. In addition his Business Financial management skills adds a specialized component to our service offering.

Jose is well experienced in the day to day management, coordination and implementation of financial controls and statutory compliance requirements required by the various state institutions. 

We currently offer these compliance management services to several companies ranging from the Aviation Industry to Tourism,  Agriculture and Mining.